Robin Woodward
Company founder and president, Robin Woodward, moved to Asheville in 1967 and graduated from Asheville Biltmore College in 1969 with a degree in physics.  He built his first personal home in 1974 and returned to the building industry professionally in 1977 when he founded Blue Ridge Energy Systems and started building and selling wood stoves and solar thermal water heaters.  He began building custom homes in 1979 and quickly transitioned away from wood stoves and solar thermal. Though his own home was heated with renewable energy he recognized that it was still very drafty. He started researching energy efficient building practices in the late 70s and implemented passive solar design and air sealing strategies into to his design and construction very early in his career.  Over the last forty years heating, cooling and lighting technologies have advanced tremendously but the importance of passive solar design and a tight building envelope have remained key to energy efficient construction.

Jamie Shelton
Jamie Shelton graduated from Davidson College in 2005 with a degree in art.  Thinking of pursuing a career in architecture he searched for an apprenticeship in the green building industry to gain some experience and familiarity with building.  He found a one year opportunity with Blue Ridge Energy Systems and, appreciating the hands on nature of Blue Ridge Energy Systems and the quality of the product they produce, he never left.  He designed and started building his first personal home in 2006. From that point on, Jamie was sure that doing design/ build work was his vocation. Jamie has served for 6 years on the Board of Directors of the Green Built Alliance, formerly the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, that administers the Green Built Homes program and champions sustainability in the building industry. He has done several articles, interviews and presentations on the importance of green building and its key components.  He now lives with his wife, two boys, and dog in a net zero energy home he designed and built.

Andy Presley
Andy Presley joined the company officially in 2009 though he had been working with Robin for over 20 years prior to that.  He came from a career in the equipment rental industry and his knowledge allows us to have and maintain a full fleet of equipment so that we can provide in house clearing and grading services and so that our carpenters can work more efficiently and safely by letting equipment do the heavy lifting.

Andy is also a licensed plumber and a great job manager. He serves on the Workforce Development Committee and the Legislative Committee of the Asheville Home Builders Association.

Building code is just now catching up to what we’ve been doing for 30 years.


Our framing and siding crew is led by Jammie Metcalf who started with BRES in 1994.  Sidney Crawford started with the company in 2002 and leads the interior trim and finishing crew.  We are able to keep such high quality, long term employees because we compensate them well and provide benefits unusual to the construction industry.  We provide health insurance, retirement and vacation time to our crew and we are rewarded with a crew that is dedicated to the quality of their work.

The few subs that we do employ have a similar history working with us.  Rick Green has done our HVAC work since 1983. Vince Watkins has done our drywall since 1994.  Dennis Crawford has built our cabinets since 2004. And we strive for this longevity of relationship with our other subs, vendors, clients and associates.